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Software Development - Project Profiles

We have developed many numbers of application system and web sites. Some of them are as follows:

School Management System
Client: Alok School, Udaipur and Its three other branches near Udaipur.
Fees Module: It is very flexible and customized software to collect any kind of information for school management and also provide customized reports.
Exam Module: It is also very flexible and customized software to collect any kind of information for school Examination System and also provide customized reports.
Billing System for PHED
Client: PHED Govt. of Rajasthan(Water Works), Udaipur
PHED Udaipur has about 60,000 consumers with various connection categories and options. It is a GUI application. It generates bills according to consumer consumption and provides various statistical reports and also has the facility to regenerate the bills from any month as per the updation in the transaction for the month. Above all it provides bills in Hindi language (printer natural mode) also.
Binary Marketing System
Client: Pro Health India Pvt. Ltd. Udaipur
We have developed Web Site as well as Application for the client. It manages complex network binary marketing system. In this system depth of binary tree is more than 100 and it is very wide. The system computes all kind of incentives and commissions for the members. Agent and members can order items online. Member registration form is also available online. Member can also see their commission and incentive online.
Medical System
Client: Mehta Hospital and Research Center, Sanchore, Jhalore (Rajasthan)
It is a 100-bedded hospital. System has the facility for admitting, discharging and billing inpatient. All type of diagnostics reports are also taken from the system. It also handles outpatients.